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Narcotics have a long history and have been used since ancient times for rituals and medicinal purposes. Since early 1960s, however, people are relying more on more on drugs for relief and avoidance of intense feelings such as anxiety and stress. Substance dependence or drug addiction is characterized by compulsive and repetitive consumption of a drug despite problems that are related to it’s usage. Drug addictions are life-changing for individuals. Both prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs can pose dangers to a person’s health. There are even cases of medical negligence which led to drug abuse. The most popular such case of medical negligence lawsuit is the Michael Jackson case. As you can see even prestigious doctors can make mistakes which is why drugs should only be used in extreme situations when all other treatments have failed. Today we are going to talk about some innovative drug addiction treatments that are used in various rehabilitation centers. These treatments combine counseling with health and fitness tips and motivation.


The innovative plan

Traditional treatment for addiction is based on counseling, although some rehabilitation centers use more diverse approaches. Best Drug Rehabilitation Michigan is a modern facility located on Lake Michigan that provides excellent services with innovative approaches. The team of specialists combine classical counseling techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy and 12-step programs with yoga and martial arts, creative financial planning, problem solving and art classes.

Martial Arts and Yoga

Martial Arts and Yoga have great physical and mental benefits. An amazing de-stressing method that provides a full body workout, the Asian approach is proven to lower blood pressure and benefit people suffering from depression and anxiety. These practices bring balance and break addictive patterns, paving the path to recovery.

Financial planning and problem solving

Once rehabilitated, practical skills like financial planning and problem solving can be a great instrument in solving everyday problems and reaching desired goals. Many times drug addictions create serious financial problems, but with good financial planning stressful situation are avoided.

Music and art

Music therapy has been proven to be highly beneficial and a great way to express one’s emotions. At Best Drug Rehabilitation encourages clients to play, listen and even write their own music piece and share it. Painting, sculpting and drawing help the inner self emerge and access profound feelings.

Physical fitness and Nutrition

Mens sana in corpore sano  (A sound mind in a healthy body) is a famous Latin quotation that couldn’t be closer to the truth. Physical activities release endorphins in the body that combat pain and stress, boosting your mood. This workshop if highly beneficial to new clients, because they usually have poor nutritional habits. With a balanced diet plan and some useful health and fitness tips, the body will recover from damages done by drug consumption.

Best Drug Rehabilitation center encourages a new change: Stop Using, Start Living! With the proper advice and support, rehabilitation is just one step away. It is important to understand that no drugs can help you if you are not willing to help yourself. Furthermore, you should only rely on doctors when you can no longer help yourself. Even if we live in an advanced society, there are still a lot of medical errors that can change your life for the worse. Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with a medical negligence lawsuit, the best thing to do is care for your body and your mind so that you never have to go to a doctor.

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