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Nobody likes having to cope with a severe sore throat. Apart from its physiological effects, it also affects your mood and your plans you made while being healthy. Add to these facts some scientifically proved details and you will understand how dangerous a severe sore throat could be for you! However, you mustn’t worry as on our website, you will find essential health advice online that will teach you how to deal with different types of sore throat.

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For the beginning, we must agree on the fact that viruses are the main elements that cause sore throats and if you have the right medicines at home, the situation can be easily kept under control.

When talking about sore throats, we refer to bad sensations like pain and tenderness in our breathing system. Scratching in your throat is another one of its specific symptoms, apart from coughing or fever.

If you want to threat a severe sore throat at home we suggest you to use saltwater gargles and sprays. These have proved to be useful, but not all of them should be applied to people of all ages. For example, pay attention to the lozenges that have to be kept away from the children under 15.

There are some basic elements one should take into account when having a severe sore throat. The most dangerous health affections are represented by tenderness in the back of your neck and the ones that take control over your body into a small period of time. Also if you are one of these people who feel bad while swallowing and breathing, you should definitely ask for a doctor’s advice. You can also find useful health advice online, but in some situations, only the doctor can tell you how severe your health problem is.

In the meantime, if your sore throat remains in your body for more than 10 days, you are in charge of asking for professional help. In general, these health affections should leave your body after a week. In the case of pregnancy, the situation is more delicate. You have to pay attention to how serious your affection is, mainly if it gets over three days.

Among the causes of severe sore throats, there are some related to tonsils. If you are a smoker and you happen to have a sore throat, you are likely to have a worse health condition, as it can cause dryness in your nose. The bacterial infections, like Streptococcus and Arcanobacterium are found particularly in the cases of young people.

After having followed a treatment based on antibiotics it is possible to experiment a sore throat. For example, Candia or “thrush” is recognized to have such secondary effects. If your sore throats last for more than 14 days you should consider having a medical control against cancer or any other awful conditions.

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